Enterprise Mobility – Are You Ready to BYOD?

Last week at the Gilbane Conference, I moderated a panel on Enterprise Mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

My two panelists were Cimarron Buser, VP of business development at Apperian, and Vern Imrich, Chief Technical Officer at Percussion (both Boston-area companies, so Boston was well represented in our panel).

We covered issues of security, general readiness, what BYOD means for enterprises, and how to think in an app and data-centric manner.

And reporter Ron Miller (who sat in on the session) did a great job of summarizing the session and the concerns and opportunities in an article on CITEworld, which I provided additional quotes and commentary for – and is excerpted below…

Article Excerpt:

Companies may have to move up mobility growth curve faster than they think

Source article posted on CITEworld

by , writer for CITEworld

Companies tend to go through a mobile growth cycle that starts with locking down everything, but eventually reaches a point where they’re actively developing and managing secure apps on devices. Getting there usually takes some time, but as mobile devices proliferate in the enterprise companies are going to have to grow up fast.

Speaking at the Gilbane Conference last week, Cimarron Buser, VP of business development at Apperian, walked the audience through this process. Buser said most companies start with the lockdown mentality. In the beginning, everyone handed out Blackberries and kept the enterprise under control, but that has changed over time.

Dan Keldsen, who is principal at Information Architected, and who hosted the talk at Gilbane, says Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has really forced companies to rethink this lockdown approach and find a better balance between user and company requirements.

“Enterprise mobility, from the perspective of the company, and from the individual person, in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world, has some interesting challenges. As [Buser] discussed in the panel/presentation, there is a growth curve, or’maturity curve, that is pulling at the seams between what the organization is comfortable with, and what employees are willing to put up with,” Keldsen said.

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