IAM Talking: The Problems of Process, In Practice

iai-podcast-iam-talking-bob-lewis-it-catalystsAs far as IT organizations have come in the last few decades, there is still much that just doesn’t quite work as it should.

Why are IT (the technology) and IT teams (the people) frequently seen as “part of the problem” when they (and all other players) should all be part of the solution?

Is business as usual, chargebacks, and the practice of “running IT as a business” causing heartburn in YOUR organization?

Too much process, not enough practice = PROBLEMS…

Today’s interview is with Bob Lewis, who is president and a consultant at IT Catalysts – itcatalysts.com, the award-winning author of seven books which are distributed through his publishing company issurvivor.com and author of more than 650 columns dealing with how to effectively lead information technology organizations.

Bob is known for his unique blend of vision and pragmatism, the result of having been a practitioner as well as an advisor. He has held a wide variety of executive, staff and consulting positions in the field of information technology, as well as positions in manufacturing, product development, and business planning.

The discussion is hosted by Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen), Co-founder and Principal of Information Architected, and discusses several of Bob’s manifestos from his most recent book, “Keep the Joint Running: A Manifesto for 21st Century Information Technology.”

The manifestos of Bob’s book eerily reflect my (Dan) own path through IT, which was part of the attraction in discussing this topic with Bob.

There are better ways to run IT folks, and with any luck, Bob and I have surfaced some useful business and IT practices for a saner and more agile way to run businesses.

What is your experience in the war or collaboration of IT in Business?

If you have examples (good or bad) within your business, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, so please feel free to contribute your comments, concerns and questions, and together, we can work to not only keep the joint running, but make it far more likely that your organization will weather the recession and come out stronger your competitors who have NOT figured out the need to get everyone on-board and rowing together.

Is your Information Architected for Business? for Collaboration?

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Is your Information Architected for Business? for Collaboration??

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“@dankeldsen rockin out at session on the state of E2.0 research. Great job Dan, LOVED it!”
by Laura Fitton (founder, oneforty inc. and co-author Twitter for Dummies) @Pistachio


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