2009 Innovation Management Research & Webinar

2009 Innovation Research WordleDoes your organization have what it takes to drive innovation?

Innovation is not serendipity or discovery.  It is a process that can be managed and nurtured as a corporate asset – and must be, if innovation is going to be a serious force in your organization.

In a recent study of over 180 companies, we found that while most organizations view innovation as critical to their success, less than half of respondents are proactively DOING innovation.

Sample findings:

  • 68% of the surveyed organizations’ management believes that innovation should be managed as a corporate asset and process

  • Only 49% of respondents have any form of executive management presiding over innovation

  • 35% stated that there was a lack of effective collaboration and communication technologies within their organization

The Time is Now – Find Out Where Organizations are Stumbling, and How to Lead in Innovation rather than Lag

Information Architected (IAI) has published a whitepaper (a $395 value, provided at no-cost) that details all the findings of the study, and held a webinar to discuss findings on Thursday, October 29 at 2pm ET (-5 GMT), which has since been archived and made available for Long Tail viewing.

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“Dan is an awesome analyst who has true understanding of many deep and broad technology and business issues faced in today's web. Briefing him on innovation was fun and easy. Getting advice from him was very informative and insightful. We did a podcast together and he was a pro as the host!!!”
by Jack Jia, Chairman & CEO Baynote


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