State of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Q4 2009

Picture 1This paper and the research behind it are based on a survey conducted during the latter part of October 2009. The survey was open exclusively to members of The 2.0 Adoption Council.

Of the then 100 members, 77 completed the survey. As explained in more detail in the Demographics section, despite the relatively small number of responses, the research findings represent a market milestone and represent not the opinion of the general masses, but the fact-based experiences of the market’s early adopters– the true practitioners of Enterprise 2.0.

This study focused on the current realities pertaining to the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 and associated budgets, challenges, business drivers, teams and leadership.  The survey consisted of over 20 questions. This white paper provides a high-level view into a select sub-group of questions/issues.

This report was partially underwritten by Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provider, OpenText.  This funding enabled Information Architected and The 2.0 Adoption Council to offer it free of charge to the Enterprise 2.0 community.

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction To The 2.0 Adoption Council
  • The State Of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption
  • About The Research
  • Section 1. Demographics Provide Evidence Of The Value Of This Research
    • Figure 1: How Many Employees Are In Your Organization?
    • Figure 2: What Vertical Industry Do You Work In?
  • Section 2: Enterprise 2.0 Maturity In The Market And In The Enterprise
    • Figure 3: In Your Opinion, Where is the Enterprise 2.0 Market in its Market Maturity Life-cycle?
    • Definitions Of The Stages Of The Chasm
    • Figure 4: How Would You Characterize the State of Enterprise 2.0 in Your Organization?
    • Figure 5: Approximately How Many People Are Active Users of Your Current Enterprise 2.0 Applications
    • Figure 6: Approximately How Many People Will The Enterprise 2.0 Applications Engage At Full Deployment/Adoption?
  • Section 3: Sponsorship, Ownership And Business Drivers
    • Figure 7: Sponsorship/Ownership of Enterprise 2.0 Project
    • Figure 8: What Are The Business Drivers Behind Your Enterprise 2.0 Initiative?
    • Figure 9: Which of the Following is the Primary Business Driver Behind Your Enterprise 2.0 Initiative?
    • Figure 10: Have You Been Able to Establish an ROI to Date?
  • Section 4: Dollars Spent And Satisfaction Achieved
    • Figure 11: How Satisfied are you with Your Enterprise 2.0 Initiative to date?
    • Figure 12: What Is the Enterprise 2.0 budget appropriated for your entire Initiative?
    • Figure 13: Enterprise 2.0 Budget Allocation
    • Figure 14: Were budgeted amounts actual experience or planned expenses?
  • Section 5: Going Beyond This Whitepaper
    • The Upcoming Report
    • The 2.0 Adoption Prediction Market
    • About The Authors

This research is a free download.

Please note: This report was written by Information Architected, underwitten by OpenText, and published via the 2.0 Adoption Council.

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