Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) is the leveraging of collective wisdom and experience to expedite responsiveness and innovation. – Carl Frappaolo, “Knowledge Management,” Capstone Publishing, 2006 (book)

Powerful? Yes. Simple? No.

KM is not a technology or an off the shelf solution, it’s  an ecosystem comprised of business strategy, information technology, corporate culture, and business processes aligned and coordinated in order to expedite collaboration, capture corporate know-how and translate intellectual capital into bottom-line profitability.

Although many have failed, many have also succeeded in leveraging KM to:

  • Minimize the impact of “brain drain” from a graying workforce
  • Increase collaboration and the re-use of intellectual property
  • Decrease Time To Market (TTM)
  • Increase responsiveness to customers
  • Drive bottom-line profitability

How we can help

  • Is your organization confused between knowledge management and information management?
  • Do you have a stalled or ineffective knowledge management practice?
  • Does your organization suffer from the loss of experiential and practical knowledge due to staff turn over and retirement?
  • Do you need to maximize the value derived from your organization’s intellectual capital?
  • Are you having trouble determining the impact that Knowledge Management will have on the organization?

If You answer Yes to any of these questions – then Information Architected can provide the assistance you need.

Our services include:

We develop customized strategies and implementation plans for Knowledge Management  and construction of the information architecture and governance to properly support your Knowledge Management initiative.

Though no two implementations will be exactly the same, there are critical best practices to implementation that should be followed. Information Architected provides the guidance and methodologies necessary to ensure the success of your Knowledge Management initiative.

If you are tired of the unapproachable, expensive, “ivory tower” consultants and analysts of the world, or the integrators who only promote the solution they resell, we are the antidote to provide realistic, affordable and relevant strategic solutions for your business needs.

Information Architected, is open to
 Discuss, Debate, Consult and Educate.

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“I have really enjoyed working with Dan on several recent projects. I find Dan is very insightful with a great perspective on technology and the industry. I also enjoyed the intellectual conversations that allowed both of us to challenge the boundaries of today's realities against the possibilities of tomorrow.”
by Bob Larrivee, Director and Industry Advisor AIIM International


Organizations That Have Used Our Services Include: