Findability, Search and Taxonomy Course Description

Course Overview

This seminar focuses on how to design and construct an Information Architecture with a concentration on  taxonomy design and deployment integrated with content search.  Information Architecture, taxonomy and search are explored from many angles including technology alternatives and business strategies.  A methodology for establishing the need for and solution design are used as the background to this seminar.

Beyond Academic Theory – Based in Reality

All of Information Architected’s education programs including the Findability, Search and Taxonomy course are developed by Information Architected’s principals, based on years of experience and research.

Modular Learning /Customized Education

This course is designed in a modular fashion to allow customization based on your specific needs.

The course is applicable to an individual or team in the throes of an information Architecture, taxonomy and/or search project, as well as the novice beginning an education in these critical components of ECM.

The course can be tailored from a 2-4 hour executive session to a 2-3 day interactive session built for teams of any size.

Full-Course Agenda

Key Concepts & Functionality

  • Information Architecture
  • Meta Tagging
  • Taxonomy
  • Ontology
  • Topic Maps / Topic Trees
  • Classification & Categorization
  • Controlled Vocabularies
  • Thesaurus
  • Synonym Rings

Business Drivers & Justifying Your Information Architecture

  • Information Architecture
    • The Basic Components of Information Architecture
    • Building a Taxonomy Within the Information Architecture
    • Defining Search and Discovery Metaphors
    • Integrating Search and Taxonomy
  • Building Multiple Information Architectures
    • User Perspectives
    • IT Perspectives
  • Executing Research and Building a Strategy
    • Content, Community and Context
    • Tools and Techniques
    • Assessing Information Seeking Behaviors and Patterns
    • Organizational Schemes and Organizational Structures
    • Challenges of Metadata
  • Building a Information Governance Document
    • Basic Constructs
    • Purpose and Value
    • Beyond Training and Awareness Towards Compliance
  • Technology Alternatives
    • Auto Tagging
    • Taxonomy Generation
    • Maintenance
    • Semantic Analysis
    • Justifying Technology vs. Manual Approaches
    • A Hybrid Approach
    • An Overview of the Solution Market
  • Design Approaches
    • Developing Customized Taxonomies
    • Designing Work Group and Enterprise Metadata Schemas
    • Separating Taxonomy Structure from the User interface
    • Providing New Business Models Through the Information Architecture
    • Diagnosing Common interface Failures
  • Defining the Role of the Information Architect
    • Assembling the “Dream Team”
  • Understanding and Leveraging Industry Standards and best Practices

Includes 7 Interactive Exercises that Get You Applying the Skills You Learn Right Away

  • Defining Business Goals Behind Your Information Architecture
  • Defining Your Audience and Communication Strategy
  • Determining Technology Requirements
  • Taxonomy Construction
  • Taxonomy Refinement
  • Building a Governance Document
  • Strategic GAP Analysis

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