Integrated Consulting and Training

Analysis, Consulting, Training - the Information Architected feedback loopWhat happens when…

You combine years of consulting experience …

…with targeted training on specific business issues and clear technology-based solutions?

You Move Beyond Education… to Action…

  • Minimize your costs,
  • Maximize the return on your time,
  • Increase the effectiveness of the outcome, and
  • Target YOUR specific business needs to accelerate any project you have underway

A Hybrid Approach to Consulting and Training Provides Unparalleled Value and Results

Unlike programs that focus exclusively on education, this consultative training program from Information Architected provides education in the context of your very specific business goals and objectives.  As a result retention and relevancy of what you learn goes up significantly. The information, methodologies, workshops and case studies are tailored specifically to enable your team to walk straight out of the session to APPLY the lessons learned directly to YOUR PROJECT. Unlike typical consulting engagements, your team is not only provided direct answers and recommendations for the short-term, but also a solid foundation on which to stand as it moves forward with the project.

Information Architected’s Integrated Consulting and Training Model

Information Architected's Integrated Consultative Training

Pre-work Assessment and ScopeConsultative TrainingProject-plan & Path-forward
To completely customize the session to the needs of YOUR organization, engagement with our consultants includes:
  • A survey answered by your project team (business, executive, technical) to describe skills, existing systems, goals, business drivers
  • A conference call with our team to discuss the survey feedback and customize session to YOUR needs
Built upon the pre-work with your team, our experienced consultants adjust the training materials to:
  • target the business requirements and skill levels of your team, and
  • delivers the appropriate material complete with the best practices, war stories, strategies and tactics that will enable you to create a working Project Plan to move forward once the session has ended
Wrapping up the training session, a project-plan and next steps to be taken by project team will be provided, including GAP analysis between the current-state of your project and the desired future-state.

The process begins with a survey and pre-training workshop in which Information Architected becomes intimately familiar with your organization’s goals and objectives, current and planned projects, current level of understanding and experience with technology and practices.

Based on this input, we create a customized program that is a blend of education, exercises and workshops to move your projects closer to their goals and objectives, while simultaneously establishing a common level of understanding and competency in the business/technologies required for your organization.

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Provided by an Organization that is Uniquely Qualified

Unlike other training organizations, the training is provided by seasoned consultants that have been in the trenches, have witnessed first hand best and worst practices, and who understand not just the theory of these subjects, but the practical realities of needs assessment, readiness assessment, project planning and implementation strategies. Unlike other consultancies, this assistance is provided by seasoned trainers, who have taught and led training programs for over a decade, to audiences large and small. They also have developed each and every training program, and therefore are adept at customizing the delivery on-the-fly to best fit the situation at your organization.

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