IAM Talking: Sustainably Elegant

IAM Talking - Sustainably ElegantLet’s face it, most enterprise systems, the systems that employees have to use EVERY DAY to do their job, are painful interfaces to use. They are barely usable, let alone elegant.

Why is that?

And more importantly, what can be done to FIX this seemingly inevitable problem?

Is “elegance” to high a bar to ask that our systems, software, processes, products and services measure up to?

What is Elegance?

What makes a design elegant, and what can we borrow from design across a variety of industries, from entertainment to mobile devices, from manufacturing to ongoing learning, to bring elegance into our own companies?

The podcast interview today (below) features Matthew May (@matthewemay) author of the brand new book “In Pursuit of Elegance” (more information on the book at InPursuitOfElegance.com), as well as author of the critically acclaimed book “The Elegant Solution” published in 2006, and which I had a tremendously enjoyable time interviewing him about in early 2007.

The discussion is hosted by Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen), Co-founder and Principal of Information Architected, and discusses the four primary components of elegance, as brought forth in Matthew’s most recent book.

Do You Have Stories of Elegance in the Enterprise?

If you have examples of elegance within your business, whether the elegance is found in the products you sell, the systems you use internally, or any other application of elegance… I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, so please feel free to contribute your comments, concerns and questions, and together, we can work to make elegant solutions far more common than they typically are.

Is your Information Architected for Innovation? for Sustainable business? for Elegance?

Listen now!

Is your Information Architected for Elegance?

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