Innovation Management Whitepaper: Perception Outpaces Reality

Innovation Management: Perception Outpaces Reality

Innovation Management: Perception Outpaces Reality

Innovation has often been positioned at the very core of business success.

Peter Drucker asserted that it was one of only two functions required of business.

While the relationship and importance of innovation to business is not new, there has been renewed interest in the topic and the criticality of it to business.

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation” – Peter Drucker

Organizations are being challenged to re-think how innovation is managed by advances in technology and collaboration. Vinton Cerf, “the father of the internet”, stated it succinctly, “By placing intelligence at the edges rather than control in the middle of the network, the Internet has created a platform for innovation.”

Most recently, the Obama administration has positioned innovation not only as a requirement for business success, but also as a critical component to economic recovery for an entire nation.

“The United States led the world’s economies in the 20th Century because we led the world in innovation.
Today, the competition is keener; the challenge is tougher; and that is why innovation is more important than ever.” – President Barack Obama

Despite the lofty esteem and attention paid to innovation, for many organizations it is unfortunately managed as nothing more than the elusive holy grail – a noble goal that is poorly understood, often not proactively managed, relegated to a few and left to serendipity and discovery.

Innovation is not managed as a process, and organizations fail to purposely leverage technology in order to facilitate, promote and accelerate innovation.

In this white paper Information Architected takes a hard look at the state of the market, as measured by the experiences and opinions of 182 individuals representing organizations across industry and around the globe.

This Information Architected Whitepaper provides an in-depth look into the management practices and processes used for Innovation Management.

Example Charts:

Rank the Following Components in Terms of Their Importance to Innovation (Methodologies, Culture, Processes, Creativity, Execution)


This Information Architected (IA) Whitepaper (a $395 value) is made available to download at not cost.

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“I was in a couple of Dan's sessions at the Boston AIIM Expo. I was inspired with the social networking for business. Frankly, I have been ignoring it, but now plan on getting my LinkedIn updated and other social resources ready to transfer into the business! Dan is a wealth of information on the subject. His depth of knowledge shows in his presentations.”
by Mark Carlson, Director of IT Systems & Methods, Inc


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