2009 Innovation Management Research & Webinar

2009 Innovation Research WordleDoes your organization have what it takes to drive innovation?

Innovation is not serendipity or discovery.  It is a process that can be managed and nurtured as a corporate asset – and must be, if innovation is going to be a serious force in your organization.

In a recent study of over 180 companies, we found that while most organizations view innovation as critical to their success, less than half of respondents are proactively DOING innovation.

Sample findings:

  • 68% of the surveyed organizations’ management believes that innovation should be managed as a corporate asset and process

  • Only 49% of respondents have any form of executive management presiding over innovation

  • 35% stated that there was a lack of effective collaboration and communication technologies within their organization

The Time is Now – Find Out Where Organizations are Stumbling, and How to Lead in Innovation rather than Lag

Information Architected (IAI) has published a whitepaper (a $395 value, provided at no-cost) that details all the findings of the study, and held a webinar to discuss findings on Thursday, October 29 at 2pm ET (-5 GMT), which has since been archived and made available for Long Tail viewing.

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“I was in a couple of Dan's sessions at the Boston AIIM Expo. I was inspired with the social networking for business. Frankly, I have been ignoring it, but now plan on getting my LinkedIn updated and other social resources ready to transfer into the business! Dan is a wealth of information on the subject. His depth of knowledge shows in his presentations.”
by Mark Carlson, Director of IT Systems & Methods, Inc


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