State of the Market: Microsoft SharePoint (2009)

Microsoft SharePoint has captured the ECM market’s attention. While some may argue that SharePoint is not a panacea and is perhaps being over-used, many organizations around the world are reportedly using it for one or more ECM-related projects.

Can SharePoint be successfully deployed enterprise-wide? Is it best suited for particular applications, or capable of addressing all of an enterprise’s content management needs? Does it have particular functional strengths and weaknesses?

Answers to these and many other questions are contained in this 25+ page market research, based on 616 respondents from medium to large organizations.

This research is a free download.

Please note: This report was written by Information Architected, underwitten by Oracle, and published via AIIM.

The SharePoint whitepaper is offered for download from Information Archived, purely as a historical archive into the state of adoption in late 2008-2009.
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While we have not run a recent research project on SharePoint, in our client work, and relationship with Microsoft and the SharePoint ecosystem, the state of SharePoint, when implemented ‘out of the box’ and done with in-house resources, tends to remain very limited in both functionality and use.

If you need help in evaluating SharePoint (or any other on-premise, open source or SaaS-oriented solution in this space), or in making the most out of your SharePoint investment (whether still using SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010), contact us to discuss how to make SharePoint a useful tool in your toolkit, rather than an overly expensive replacement for the file sharing you already have…

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