Taxonomy and Information Architecture Primer

information-architecture-primer-taxonomy-search-tagging-user-interfacesInformation Architecture: Integrating search, tagging, taxonomy and user interfaces

This report focuses on the taxonomy and classification components of an enterprise information architecture.

The objectives of this report are to:

  1. Define taxonomy and classification and position their functionality within an integrated information architecture
  2. Provide an education on examples of technology approaches to taxonomy generation and automated classification

Outline of the IA Primer: Information Architecture: Integrating search, tagging, taxonomy and user interfaces

  • Introduction
    • An Eternal problem
    • Defining Taxonomy and Classification
    • Toward an Information Architecture
    • Why a Corporate Taxonomy
    • Towards and Integrated Information Architecture – Taxonomy and Search
    • The Challenge of Taxonomy Design and Construction
    • Taxonomy and Classification Technology
  • Determining Your Taxonomy and Classification Requirements
    • Design Considerations
    • Exposing the Taxonomy
    • Standards

This Taxonomy and Information Architecture Primer is a free download.

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