Innovation Management Training

Innovation Management Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce business people to the practice of Innovation Management.  Virtually every component of Innovation Management is explored including:

  • Profiling innovation styles among your personnel
  • How to assemble effective innovation teams
  • How to build and maintain a corporate culture ripe for innovation
  • How to build a maintainable and sustainable innovation management process
  • How to leverage technology to support and expedite innovation in your organization.

It exposes you to proven methodologies for both generating and vetting ideas, and turns each participant into a world-class innovator.

Beyond Academic Theory – Based in Reality

All of Information Architected’s education programs including the Innovation Management course are developed by Innovation Management principals, based on years of experience and research including work done as Consultants and Trainers for the “Innovation Lab” of Perot Systems.

Modular Learning /Customized Education

This course is designed in a modular fashion to allow customization based on your company’s needs.

The course can be tailored from a 2-4 hour executive session to a 2-3 day interactive session built for teams of 50 people or more.

Full-Course Agenda

Defining Innovation

  • Innovation vs. Problem Solving vs. Invention vs. Serendipity
  • Reactive vs. Proactive Innovation
  • Big I and small i Innovation

The Role and Value of Innovation

  • Going Beyond R&D
  • Innovation as a Sustainable Process
    • Idea Generation
    • Idea Vetting
    • Development and Commercializing

The Business Model for Innovation

  • Establishing Innovation as an Organizational Core Competency
  • Embedding Innovation Management into the Organizational Ecosystem
  • Defining Business Drivers for Innovation Management
    • Crisis
    • Goal-Oriented
    • Arbitration
  • Defining the Innovation Architecture
    • Process
    • Technology
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Team Structure
    • Collaboration
    • Incentivization
  • The Innovation Management Maturity Model
  • Using ROT (Return on Time) as a Benchmark for Measuring Innovation

Getting Started

  • How to Define YOUR Innovation Management Strategy
  • A Decision Framework for Your Innovation Program
  • How to Assess Organizational and Individual Readiness
    • Profiling Individual Innovation Styles
    • Assembling Balanced and Effective Innovation Teams
    • Establishing a Positive Culture and Process
  • Innovation Methodologies and Tools
    • Going Beyond Brainstorming
    • Idea Generation – 5 separate tools introduced
    • Idea Vetting – 3 separate tools introduced

Leveraging Technology to Support and Foster Innovation

  • Aligning IT and Business Strategies
  • Types of Innovation Management Software
  • An Overview of the Innovation Management Software Products
  • The Impact of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 Tools and Techniques

Includes 8 Interactive Exercises that Get You Innovating Right Away

  • How to Profile Individual Innovation Styles
  • Assessments of the Individual Innovation Styles of Attendees

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“During a week long "Proving Ground" for Information Architecture and Taxonomy, Dan added delightful perspectives from his incredibly diverse knowledge to help illustrate the classic techniques and lighten the rather dry science of IA. In the classes and workshops I learned that formality and formula are a first step and beyond that it is about context and connecting ideas. The Proving Ground experience has helped me in several ECM, information management, and data governance projects. Since the class I’ve followed Dan's blogs and podcasts that prove he is a master at connecting the science to the art, and knows how to get to the heart of managing enterprise content and knowledge.”
by Jeffrey Weiss, Senior Technology Consultant Russell Investments

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