Knowledge Management Education

Knowledge Management Course Overview

This course provides a definitive education on Knowledge Management.  You will explore the cultural prerequisites to a successful knowledge practice, and proven techniques for assessing your organization’s propensity and potential for a knowledge management initiative, as well as the state-of-the-art in technologies that can support your Knowledge Management strategy. It takes you beyond the marketing hype  and exposes you to real-word best practices.

Beyond Academic Theory – Based in Reality

All of Information Architected’s education programs including the Knowledge Management course are developed by Information Architected’s principals, based on years of experience and research.

Modular Learning /Customized Education

The course is designed in a modular fashion to allow customization based on your company’s needs.

This course is applicable to the technician that needs to better understand the technology frameworks behind Knowledge Management and the business strategist that needs to better appreciate the business opportunities provided through and the challenges associated with the strategic deployment of a knowledge management practice.

The course can be tailored from a 2-4 hour executive session to a 2-3 day interactive session built for teams of any size.

Full-Course Agenda

Key Concepts and Frameworks

  • Differentiating Knowledge Management from Information Management
  • Explicit vs. Tacit Knowledge
  • Harvesting Implicit Knowledge
  • The Knowledge Chain

Positioning Knowledge Management as a Business Tool

  • The End of Re-engineering
  • Organizational Memory and Group Instinct
  • Core Competencies and Core Rigidity
  • KM Infrastructure and Interfaces
    • Project-based
    • Content-based
    • COPs/COIs
    • Lifestreaming
    • Collaboration vs. Knowledge Sharing
    • The Role of Security

The Cultural and Organizational Aspects of  Knowledge Management

  • Human Behavior Challenges
  • Building and Maintaining Communities
  • Knowledge Leadership
  • The Dilemma of Incentivization
  • The Dilemma of Organization

Best Practices in Knowledge Management

  • Where are the Killer Applications?
  • Case Studies

Knowledge Management Technology Roadmap

  • A technology Framework for Evaluating and Positioning Functionality
    • Intermediation
    • Externalization
    • Internalization
    • Cognition
  • Positioning Legacy Applications
    • Databases
    • Search tools
    • Workflow
    • Document and Content Management
  • Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0
  • Knowledge Profiling and knowledge Directories

Justifying Knowledge Management

  • Return on Innovation
  • Return on Time
  • Targeting Specific Costs and Benefits

Implementing a Knowledge Management Practice

  • Knowledge Cafes
  • Knowledge Harvesting
  • Marketing and Education
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Conducting a Knowledge Audit
  • Opportunities and Obstacles

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“During a week long "Proving Ground" for Information Architecture and Taxonomy, Dan added delightful perspectives from his incredibly diverse knowledge to help illustrate the classic techniques and lighten the rather dry science of IA. In the classes and workshops I learned that formality and formula are a first step and beyond that it is about context and connecting ideas. The Proving Ground experience has helped me in several ECM, information management, and data governance projects. Since the class I’ve followed Dan's blogs and podcasts that prove he is a master at connecting the science to the art, and knows how to get to the heart of managing enterprise content and knowledge.”
by Jeffrey Weiss, Senior Technology Consultant Russell Investments


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