IAM Talking: Smarter Tagging in a SharePoint Enterprise

IAM Talking: Smarter Tagging in a SharePoint EnterpriseSharePoint seems to rank nearly as high as Twitter in any given conversation these days – although I’ve yet to hear Oprah talk about SharePoint (not that I’m watching).

While there are many reasons not to adopt SharePoint or to use it as THE 100% solution for your content management, portal, search or workflow needs, it most certainly IS having a huge impact on our industry

Why is this?

What are some of the strengths of the “core” of what many call SharePoint’s “Basic Content Services” capabilities, and for the purposes of true enterprise-wide or cross-enterprise deployments, what are some of the hazards to be aware of regarding how information is organized and shared within a SharePoint environment?

Are the capabilities of SharePoint enough, if you care about managing and maximizing the value of your information? Are the tagging and taxonomy capabilities of SharePoint sufficient, or seriously deficient?

While we will not answer the questions to their entirety in this slightly over 22 minute podcast – I hope it prompts you to question whether your current or planned strategy for the use of SharePoint, or really, ANY content management system, is up to the full task or tasks you’re trying to accomplish, particulary with regards to organizing schemes such as tagging, metadata or taxonomy models.

Listen to the podcast interview (below) between Lowell Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at SchemaLogic, and Dan Keldsen, Co-founder and Principal of Information Architected discussing the pros and cons of tagging versus taxonomies, where some of the weakness and strengths of SharePoint sit, and where we might be heading with SharePoint and the types of concerns that customers of SharePoint have in trying to wring out the most and best effective use of SharePoint in their organizations.

Is your organization struggling with SharePoint schemas? Succeeding?

What are the pros and cons that you have seen?

War stories you’d like to share?

Please feel free to contribute your comments, concerns and questions, and together, perhaps we can all be that much wiser as the market overall, and SharePoint itself matures.

Listen now!

Listen to the Interview: IAM Talking: Smarter Tagging in a SharePoint Enterprise

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