Build a Foundation, Take Action

All of our training and educational materials are based on our hands-on, client-driven consulting work, extensive research into an even larger audience of technology-savvy business or business-focused technology people, and is created to be the most hands-on and practical experience available in each of our areas of expertise (see topics below).

Having created and delivered business and technology courses to organizations large and small, we can help translate business and technical language in BOTH directions, to enable technical staff, managers, business users, executives and business unit owners to clear the decks, reset the stage, and plainly put… get things done.

Customize the Course to *YOUR* Needs

Each course is constructed to allow for customization depending on your needs.  Each course can be dellivered as an executive overview (ranging from 2 – 4 hours) to an extensive multi-day forum that includes interactive, hands-on exercises that enhance the value of and retention of material presented.

In most cases, if you have a project underway, the program and exercises can be executed against your project, driving forward both foundational education for your entire team, and moving your project forward significantly.

A Wide Range of Topics

Information Architected currently offers:

Training can be delivered:

  • Customized (from a 1 hour executive overview to a 2 day class with workshops)
  • Public
  • Private
  • Hands-on
  • Online/Remote

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