IAM Talking: Taking Open Innovation to a Global Organization – With Jon Bidwell, Chief Innovation Officer for Chubb & Son

Welcome to IAM Talking, a periodic podcast interview series, with your host, Dan Keldsen, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Information Architected, Inc. (IAI).

Today, the topic is Taking Open Innovation to a Global Organization.

In this episode, I am interviewing Jon Bidwell, the Chief Innovation Officer for Chubb & Son.

Mr. Bidwell is currently responsible for the development and deployment of Chubb’s global innovation platform, designed to engage employees and distribution in the collaborative development of new products, services and process improvements and has been with Chubb since 1983.

Jon and I had first met in Boston at an Imaginatik User Conference – where the sheer speed and completeness of both Jon (and Chubb’s) vision and execution truly stunned me. There is always room for innovation improvement, but as you will hear in this interview, building a strong innovation foundation has given them confidence that the future seeds of innovation have already been planted, sowing both short-term and long-term innovation success.

Key Concepts in Scaling Open Innovation

Scalability is a relative term, and the speed with which you can scale out, in this case to employees on a global scale, is not something that the vast majority of organizations have any experience with. If tapping more than the R&D or marketing departments for innovative ideas is of interest to you, then stay tuned…

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“@dankeldsen rockin out at session on the state of E2.0 research. Great job Dan, LOVED it!”
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