The Power of Search and Information Management (or lack thereof)

power-of-search-chinese-commentaryI am appalled, indeed outraged by the Chinese government’s ongoing use of censorship and suppression of search tools, blogs and microblogging in order to “erase” the Tianamen Square Massacre  from the history of China. According to recent articles, there is an entire generation of Chinese who have no idea the event ever happened.

But, while I am outraged, I am also encouraged by the very fact that such an action is a very powerful example of the power of search and information management. Unfortunately in this case it is a misuse of that power in reverse.

There is a glimmer of hope – according to one source, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Chinese to control the internet, Twitter users found alternative outlets in rival providers to evade the censors.

Power to the people and power to search and information management.

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