Business Process Management and Workflow

Process automation and the real-time monitoring and control of processes through the application of workflow and BPM technologies are essential to business today. These business management practices encompass process automation, process modeling and simulation, process modularization and service orientation, process monitoring and process optimization.  Workflow and BPM provide a facilitated means to connect people, tasks and content, and are fundamental to a sourcing strategy that includes SaaS and SOA.

But effective deployment and leveraging of process automation  technologies within your enterprise takes a strategy and a skill set in process de-engineering and re-engineering.

Organizations leverage workflow and BPM to:

  • Achieve process efficiency
  • Minimize specialists in the organization
  • Support effective outsourcing
  • Decrease process errors
  • Establish executive dashboards that provide real-time process monitoring

How we can help?

  • Do you need a strategy to determine how BPM and workflow can contribute to compliance, process efficiency and quality control in YOUR organization?
  • Are you confused or overwhelmed by process re-engineering, and the many methodologies for doing so?
  • Do you need an objective outside examination to your processes within an established framework?
  • Do you need to gain an appreciation for how workflow and BPM can maximize process flexibility and a sourcing strategy?
  • Is your organization abusing e-mail as a process automation tool?

If You answer Yes to any of these questions – then Information Architected can provide the assistance you need.

Our services include:

  • Analysis – through whitepapers and case studies
  • Consulting – strategy development specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of process automation in your organization, including the analysis, de-engineering and re-engineering of your business processes
  • Education – ranging from half-day executive briefings to a multi-day training that includes technology assessment and review, process analysis models, strategy development and implementation guidelines

We develop customized strategies and implementation plans for workflow and BPM within an enterprise and specifically provide process re-engineering,  and construction of the information architecture and governance that properly support your workflow and BPM goals and objectives.

Though no two implementations will be exactly the same, there are critical best practices to implementation that should be followed. Information Architected provides the guidance and methodologies necessary to ensure the success of your workflow and BPM initiative.

If you are tired of the unapproachable, expensive, “ivory tower” consultants and analysts of the world, or the integrators who only promote the solution they resell, we are the antidote to provide realistic, affordable and relevant strategic solutions for your business needs.

Information Architected, is open to
 Discuss, Debate, Consult and Educate.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Dan over at least a decade now and have never been disappointed with his business insight, technology knowledge, practical problem solving approach and outgoing character. If an opportunity arises, I highly recommend you work with Dan as well.”
by Gordon Sellers


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