Enterprise Search A High Priority For Most Users, But Not For Companies

Original article at Wall Street & Tech

Study reveals that many businesses unaware of the importance of findability.
By Dave Valiant, Wall Street & Technology

June 24, 2008 – Data collected from over 500 business users has revealed that 82 percent of survey respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that their experience with consumer Web sites has created demand for improved enterprise findability within their own organization, or the ability to search for their company’s internal business information online.

The survey states that most organizations do not have a strategic approach for enterprise search and shows that 49% of respondents have “no formal goal” for enterprise findability within their own organizations. A large subset of the overall research population states that when it comes to the criticality of findability to their organization’s business goals and success, 38 percent don’t know what the importance of findability is in comparison to 10 percent who claim it is imperative to their organization.

Perhaps more telling than the general Web experience for Findability, and impact on enterprise users, is the finding that 50% of respondents believe that Findability in their organization is “worse” to “much worse” than their own organization’s consumer-facing Web sites.

“The consumer-facing Web has a number of clear guidelines for success in findability such as the impact on revenue, costs, and marketing,” states […] Dan Keldsen. “Sales and increased revenue are the main measures of success and are easily quantified. Findability success is more difficult to come by, primarily because hardly anyone is measuring it.”


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