Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is an integrated suite of capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. (Microsoft)

The Decision to Use SharePoint is a Simple One

How Best to Leverage it? Not so Simple.

Even Microsoft’s description of SharePoint indicates that it is NOT “just a product” nor is just a matter of properly “sizing it” for the number of users in your organization and the number of servers that will be necessary.

SharePoint is a suite or platform of capabilities that need to be tailored to each business, it is not an “out of the box” solution.

In 2008, >100 million SharePoint licenses were sold, representing sales >$1 billion. SharePoint is likely already in your organization. But is it a successful implementation?

Implementation needs to be preceded by a business strategy as well as a technical strategy.

Implementation of SharePoint from a technical perspective is obviously important, but…the-question-is-sharepoint

What about…

  • Compliance and discovery
  • Back-up, recovery and business continuity
  • Governance
  • Usability and design
  • Findability and search
  • Taxonomy and metadata
  • Process redesign
  • Legacy applications
  • Content migration and integration
  • Custom applications
  • Business analysis and ROI
  • Mobile users and synchronization
  • User adoption
  • Driving collaboration
  • Internal marketing and training
  • Rollout strategy

While the technical implementation of SharePoint is essential to a project’s success, without strategic decisions on where you use SharePoint, why you are using it, and how you will use it, you are doomed to fail.

These are the issues that will decide if you have a successful SharePoint deployment or not.

How we can help?

  • Are you confused by the capabilities and options in SharePoint?
  • Do you need a strategy to configure, customize, integrate or extend SharePoint in YOUR business?
  • Are you wondering how SharePoint can impact your critical business drivers?
  • Are you using SharePoint but not achieving expected success?
  • Do you need to reconcile SharePoint with corporate governance?

If You answer Yes to any of these questions – then Information Architected can provide the assistance you need.

Our services include:

  • Analysis – through whitepapers and case studies
  • Consulting – strategy development specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness and ROI of SharePoint in your organization
  • Education – ranging from half-day strategy briefings to a multi-day SharePoint product assessment and review, strategy development and implementation guidelines
  • Implementation & Deployment – we develop customized strategies for SharePoint implementations and specifically provide assistance in conducting needs assessments, change management planning, and constructing the information architecture that properly supports your SharePoint goals and objectives.

Though no two SharePoint implementations will be exactly the same, there are critical best practices to implementation that should be followed. Information Architected provides the guidance and methodologies necessary to ensure the success of your SharePoint initiative.

If you are tired of the unapproachable, expensive, “ivory tower” consultants and analysts of the world, or the integrators who only promote the solution they happen to resell with the highest margin, we are the antidote to provide realistic, affordable and relevant strategic solutions for your business needs.

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