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I’ve been busy writing a series of articles for CMSWire on mobile strategy, and as a result have been even more hyper-tuned into interesting mobile approaches.

It’s not just for companies however – I recently stumbled (via Mashable) onto a combination paper resume, QR Code, Mobile and Video Pitch by a fellow looking to intern for a Creative Agency.

Years and years ago (more than I care to admit), I did a similar pitch for a gaming company in Cambridge, MA (blocks from our new office). I was not using QR Codes and YouTube (neither existed, and the web was but a dream), but it was a similar approach intended to leap over the normal plain resumes, cover letters and white envelopes to get in the door for the interview.

It worked for me – as it did for this fellow (read comments on the Mashable article).

See video of the resume to video pitch below. Great approach.

QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

Two questions for you…

Are you pitching yourself like this? If not, why not? If so, what was the reaction?

If you are hiring people, can handle receiving resumes like this? Or would your “hiring submission process” blast his resume straight into the trash?

Anyone who has recently been hired or is hiring – I’d love to hear your reaction to this type of approach.

It’s a new world folks – are you ready?

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