The Content Matrix is All Around You

(found via Raymond Pirouz)

What if… you could see the information flowing all around you?

What if… you could overlay that “information reality” over “normal reality?”

Some are calling this “augmented reality” while those of you who have seen the movie “The Matrix” might recognize this as, well, The Matrix (which Morpheus will explain below, if you don’t already know the movie).

While I hinted at a similar phenomenon via the “Near Real-time Babelfish” article last week, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that just as many of us can’t recall what it was like to not be able “to google” (and Amazon as a mobile product search agent) the InterWebs for almost anything you can think of, the more power we pack into our mobile devices, and the more often we are connected rather than disconnected from the nework (aka Matrix), the closer we’re coming to a complete blurring of the lines as to what is reality and what is “just information.”

Given the information that YOUR organization is creating every day, or that your customers are creating while using your services, are you taking advantage of this information in a mobile application or other mashup? Enterprise 2.0 isn’t strictly about conversations and communities, but about freeing all data/information/knowledge into new uses, via standards and transparency into sources, that allow new “information model innovations” (as opposed to business model innovations, new product innovations, or any of the many typical views of innovation from the past).

content-matrix-iphone-wordleLeverage your digital information, or prepare to watch your competitors blow past you and retain/expand that lead. People laughed when Amazon first unveiled itself, and now they not only own the digital content and physical goods world, but have become the backbone of the vast majority of Web 2.0 companies, and much of the infrastructure of organizations attempting (to various degrees) to do Enterprise 2.0.

Is your Information Architected for mashups? Is your Information Architected for 2.0? Is your Information Architected for Findability? Regardless of how the information is accessed? Wired, wireless, mobile, smartphone, netbook, kiosk, Xbox 360, etc.? What shackles have you inadvertently thrown around your content by not planning for access from anywhere, anytime?

Interested in hearing what you or your organization has done to make the most of digital information and access. What are your stories of success or failure?

If you have a current project, or are planning a project to take advantage of the rapidly expanding capabilities of electronic content, innovations in display, access, findability, collaboration and more – get in touch with us at 617-933-9655 or 617-933-2584 to discuss what aspect of consulting, training or our integrated, consultative training practice would be the most effective and efficient way to jump-start your project.

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