Do You Have an Opinion of Enterprise 2.0? Then Put Your (Virtual) Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Learn Something in the Process

Picture 1One of the more frequently cited benefits of Enterprise 2.0 if the ability to collaborate as a community from which emerges collective insights and opinions.

Recently, Crowd Cast, along with Information Architected and the 2.0 Adoption Council launched a prediction market – and you are invited to participate.  Simply and you will receive instructions and a bankroll of virtual cash with which you can place bids – putting your virtual money where your mouth is.


Now is YOUR chance to experience this first hand, in an easy and entertaining manner. Not only do you get to cast your vote and influence the market, but this is also a wonderful opportunity for you to experience crowd casting and prediction markets first-hand and gain insights into whether there is value in staging such forums in your own organization and/or communities.

Only in its second weeks, the market has already led to the following forecasts:

  • A predicted 3% increase in E2.0 budgets spent on community management. Consider that one participant stated  “Community management is the make or break aspect of E2.0” . Do you agree with this comment? If so then do you think a 3% increase is realistic? Enough? – .
  • A prediction that 10% of organizations will be on the bleeding edge of technology, using virtual worlds within the enterprise, behind the firewall. Really? Do you agree? .
  • Lastly, as we unveiled in the keynote at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week, User resistance was found to be a major obstacle to enterprise adoption. Currently the crowd predicts this will continue, with only 14% of organizations forecasted as never having encountered user resistance during deployment. Do you agree?  Too low? Too high? .

Initial results of the Crowd cast will be announced at the 2010 Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston.

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