IAM Talking: Geek Psychology and Selling Online with Noah Kagan from AppSumo

Today, the topic is about Geek Psychology – Hint: Knowing (ideally, BEING) your community is more important than ever. It’s about THEM, not you.

Welcome to IAM Talking, a periodic podcast interview series, with your host, Dan Keldsen, Chief Innovation Officer at Information Architected, Inc. (IAI).

Today IAM Talking with Noah Kagan, the Chief Sumo (CEO) of AppSumo, and we’ll be talking about understanding your market or community, testing assumptions, and understanding why people buy (or for an enterprise spin – do [or not] anything).

AppSumo provides Daily Deals for Web Geeks – and I stumbled onto both AppSumo and Noah in parallel, both as a customer (listen to the podcast to hear more), and in following with his personal activities in marketing and psychology through Ramit Sethi.

It *all* matters… but you need to get started first…

I’d summarize our conversation here, but to be honest, it was quite freewheeling, and one of the most entertaining and honest discussions I’ve captured in recent years.

You’ll find that Noah is very action oriented, which would be easy to view as an addiction to an “ooh, squirrel!” approach to life. But no, Noah can and does dive very deep into experiment in many aspects of his business, and the world of selling online specifically, to rapidly build up solutions.

We didn’t cover his role at Mint in this interview, but if you have any doubts as to what understanding customers pre-launch of an initiative, read about the pre-launch marketing plan for Mint (circa 2007).

Strap in, and hit play below – I guarantee you’ll find some interesting ideas to put into action.

Comments or Questions?

How are you defining your audience, community or market? How do you target? Do you build a product/service for sale to the world before talking to and understanding your customers? How do you target enterprise solutions, if you’re building/buying for employees? Comment below, and we’ll answer and discuss together.

Listen now!

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