IAM Talking: The Evolution of User Experience

IAM Talking: The Evolution of User Experience with UserZoomUsability, User Experience, Experience Design, Lab Testing, Qualitative Testing, Quantitative Testing – there has been a long evolutionary path of skills, tools and concerns relating to delivering an experience for customers, employees, partners, or in short, ANYONE using software interfaces. The vast majority of organizations have not even begun to seriously address these concerns however – particularly for employee-facing sites such as Intranets.

Why is this? What are organizations missing as a result? Lost revenue? Unproductive employees? Customers that hate you?

Getting started is likely to be far more affordable, understandable and directly applicable to the top-line and bottom-line of your business than you (or your management team) might think.

Listen to the podcast interview (below) between Kim Oslob, Senior Research at UserZoom, and Dan Keldsen, Co-founder and Principal of Information Architected discussing the rise of usability to user experience, and the benefits of keeping USERS and not features in mind.

Is your organization involved in usability or user experience work?

What are the pros and cons that you have seen?

Any companies that you love because they clearly understand this?

Or companies you refuse to do business with (or would if there were alternatives) that are clearly “user hostile?”

Please feel free to contribute your comments, concerns and questions, and together, perhaps we can crack this area open just a bit further than it already is.

Listen now!

Listen to the Interview: IAM Talking: The Evolution of User Experience

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“I was in a couple of Dan's sessions at the Boston AIIM Expo. I was inspired with the social networking for business. Frankly, I have been ignoring it, but now plan on getting my LinkedIn updated and other social resources ready to transfer into the business! Dan is a wealth of information on the subject. His depth of knowledge shows in his presentations.”
by Mark Carlson, Director of IT Systems & Methods, Inc


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